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    Guangdong Zenboon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing, selling and research & development of LED lighting products, and the energy used are ordinary electricity solar power and wind energy. "ZENBOON" company is equipped by a technology development team with highly capability, enaction and high efficiency, and also own multilayer spacious clean production department, automated production lines,the most advanced production equipment and detecting instrument in the LED industry lighting. Guangdong Zenboon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. possess a number of proprietary intellectual property rights. Applying advances in LED technology as the lamp source since 2003, ZENBOON has taken the lead in illumination problems solving. Subsequently, ZENBOON launched its first illumination product series(2W~1000W),to become one of the leading LED lighting companies. Key features of LED lighting products: A.High wattage, brighter illumination, high efficiency with energy saving of up to 80%. B.LED Longevity is 10 times greater than ordinary incandescent lamps. "ZENBOON" company also takes the lead in put out utility-type 120W LED street light (Aug.2003)in the world and it is the first LED street light that has gained the silver award of Geneva World Invention Award in Switzerland. ZENBOON sparks the illumination concepts of environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency. ZENBOON is constantly aspiring to manufacture the best cost-performance LED lighting products in the world, and become the most reliable manufacturer for customers. At present,Guangdong Zenboon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is at the rapid development stage and seize the development opportunity of LED lighting industry, "ZENBOON" company is satisfying the modern lighting needs of people with high quality at lower price and reliable products,and aspires to make the contributions to the human society in the semiconductor lighting area.

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